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The Clicker

I’ve called this mod The Clicker, inspired by the lore of the game. But what this mod does? It makes the game look a bit brighter, while keeping in balance lights and shadows. It also add a rewamped color grading, it removes some of the vanilla tint and adds, a subtle enhancement on textures’ detail.

I believe The Clicker is my advanced preset so far. Working on this preset I had to learn new stuff. This preset is made directly on video clips, recorded with OBS and color corrected/graded in DaVinci Resolve. How this is made? Clips are recorded in OBS with the Rec.709 color space and the Gamma 2.2 input (the last one is set from the game options/brightness settings). I load my clips in Resolve, setting the color managment like so:

– Rec.709 (color space) > Gamma 2.2 (input e timeline) > Gamma 2.4 (output).

Then in the color page of Resolve, I set a CST (color space transform), like explained above. Then all the remaining nodes, with all the color corrections/grading settings. This give me a big advantage, speeding up, the video edit of my showcases. You may ask: but why gamma 2.4?
Is too bright – Yes, it is if you play the vanilla game (at least on my IPS MSI Optix QD).
My mod compesates the brightness of gamma 2.4, and creates a much more realistic balance between lights and shadows (imho).

Watch the “corpses” screenshot that I’ve attached. In the vanilla game, the torchlight should not be able to light, the blood behind the light area. With my mod on, that area is dark but still visibile.

⦁ Lights abd shadows have been rebalanced
⦁ Subtle enhancement of textures’ detail (I’ve been listening to previous feedbacks :D)
⦁ Color cast reduced
⦁ A revamped touch color grading
⦁ As always the preset is performance friendly

⦁ Clarity
⦁ Lumasharpen

⦁ Simply extract the content of the archive, in the root folder of the game.
⦁ Launch the game and turn effects, ON with the SCRL LOCK key.
⦁ In the game options, set the gamma to: 2.4
⦁ Set to 0 the DLSS/FSR sharpening from game options (or set it back to your taste If u like so)
⦁ Enjoy your game.

The preset is very performance friendly. Unfortunately that’s not the case of the game, wich is pretty hard to run. I run the game with mixed Low and Medium settings, at 1440p with DLSS on Balanced and RTX off (see the Rasterization Video from Digital Foundry).
Depending where I am in the game, I can get from 45 fps to 75-ish fps. In some case my frames have dropped at 35 fps (yeah, that bad).
With my preset on,depending from vanilla performace, I get a performance hit from 0 to 2fps.

BUT >> with the mod DLSS to FSR3, I get way better performances. I run the game on a i7-11700k with 32gb of ram and my oldie RTX 2080.

Credits: 04 February 2024 1:03AM Created by MyashiModding
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